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Thunderstruck's Awakening...

((Note: This was an rp done in Yahoo Messenger, pertaining to those of you who play hellsents. Understand, please, that this rp, was done a while back, but since neither character has moved since here, it still is in effect. I have Y!M back up again, and shall try to do some rping again. However, I wanted to get the community back up again, so I post this rp for all of you to enjoy.))

Evan's eyes snap open as he lay there, he didn't know how long he was trapped in earth. It was pitch black and his crystal blue eyes stare up at the coffin. The last thing he remembered was the sword digging deep into his gut and him killing Kaven. His hand slams up into the wood as he starts to break through, he needed out and needed out fast. He kept kicking and clawing at the wood. A growl came from him as he slams the coffin open, the dirt falls into it, covering him up. He coughed and kept trying hard to dig out. Finally his hand slams through the dirt, he could feel the air above him. He slams his other hand through it and started to hack at the ground, the dirt caving in on him. Finally he had a big enough hole to start to drag his body out of the grave. He looks up at the moon as he slinks onto the ground. It was dark, but a clear night, his crystal blue eyes stare at the hole he had made. It was a bit of a shocker. His grave and now he sat by it. He was covered in dirt. His long raven hair had dirt in it, his black leather pants were covered and his poor dark green shirt, had stains of blood and dirt on it. A sigh came from him as he knelt there.

Tanae wandered slowly through the graves, watching and waiting. She knew her Dark Lord was raising another, and she was ready to accept him into her 'family.' Already, she could sense there was movement near by, and she turned herself towards the direction in which the sound was coming from. She slowly wandered through the grass, twigs and leaves settling under her feet without hardly a sound. The shadows clung around her, giving the illusion of a walking cloud of darkness. She didn't bother to hide herself that well, knowing that there was naught that could bother her at the moment, the only other being around being that which she was heading towards. She smiled to herself, already starting to feel her bond form with this new friend. Behind a tree, she paused, watching as the poor soul clawed his way out of his grave. She gave him a moment to look around, and begin to get his bearings, before she stepped back out, into sight, and let the shadows drift from her body. It was time to meet the newest member of her family.

Evan kept his head down, his gaze staring into the hole he came from. It was odd, it was different, and he had no clue why he was alive? His crystal blue eyes slowly lift up as he heard someone near him. They bore deep into the woman's eyes. He slowly stood up, he stood about 5'9" and his clothes clung to him. His finger pointed at her and he started to speak, "wh... whoo.... are you?" his finger waved a bit at her. He was in a bit of shock, but he could feel she wasn't a threat to him.

Tanae chuckled softly, her green eyes dancing in the dim light that glowed from the surface of the moon over head. She simply stood there, crossing her arms over her chest, watching the dirty man for a little while, silently, studying up her new charge. A few moments passed before she answered, her voice soft, and husky. "I am known as Tana�. May I enquire of your name, sir knight?" She bowed her head, a sign of respect although she was now his superior in many ways. "I see you have managed to crawl out, depsite the tons of dirt and debris in your way. That shows that you are a strong one, with a strong will to live. I am pleased already." She extended her hand out, to lay upon his shoulder, a soothing gesture. "Do not worry, young one. There is naught to worry about here."

Evan watched her for a moment, as she stated him as knight, he knew she had to have power. Hearing her name, he bowed to her."Tis a pleasure m'lady. I'm Sir Evan Thunderstruck. Knight to King Isal and the kingdom of Crimson Tide." He looked her over and watched her place her hands on his shoulders. It was odd to him, but he would deal with it. "Yes, I did, but does this mean, I'm dead and brought back?" He knew much about the undead, he had fought them and knew it all too well. But he had to make sure he was right. "I take it, you are here to lead me to the new place?"

Tanae nods, tilting her head a little and listening to him. "Pleased to meet you, Sir Evan. I regret to inform you that you no longer serve your former king, or kingdom, but that you now serve a different purpose. This is probably a bit more than you'd like to hear right about now, but I need to get the formalities out of the way, so that I can help you a bit more easily." She smiled to him. "Yes, you were brought back to life, as strange as that might be to you." She turned away from him, letting her hands drop to her sides. He would occupy her time for a while, and perhaps help her get over the shock of Darnay's loss. "I am here...for other reasons, Evan. I am the one who you shall follow, but ultimately, we all follow the Dark Lord...He is the one who brought us all back, each in turn, and he is the one who knows what our purposes in his plan are." She turned back to him, tilting her head a slight bit. "I am what is considered a Night Dancer...One who deals with shadows, and the dark of night. You, with hard work and determination, will become what I am...perhaps even more....Are you willing to step up to this challenge, Evan Thunderstruck of the Hellsents?" Her eyes glowed slightly, a tinge of amusement and of malice showing within them.

Evan bowed his head and listens. A Dark Lord? So, he no longer followed his kingdom but a Dark Lord and Tanae. Slowly he walked around a bit thinking. It seemed like it wouldn't be so bad. A night dancer, to bend shadows. Turning on his boots, he meets her eyes, his crystal blue ones shimmer a bit. "I'm always game. I love new challenges." He walked right up to her and looked at her for a moment before he turned his eyes from her, taking in the new world. A new set of rules he would follow.

Tanae watched as he walked around, knowing he was still trying to take it all in, and understand what she was saying. "Evan...do you have any questions? Anything I might be able to answer that you don't understand? I am here to help you, as well as guide you." She chuckled softly, having heard his comment about being game. "Good, I'm glad. I didn't expect any less than that of you. You will do well within this family." She winked at him and walked over to a nearby tree that had a few thick, but low hung branches, reaching up and swinging onto one of them quite easily. She let the shadows curl around her body, not even thinking about it as she stared at him. "Evan....when you have worked hard, and held onto the determination I know you were once known for, you shall be able to do such things as this. Right now it shall be quite an effort, but you can do it somewhat. Before long, it'll be as easy, and as mindless as simply breathing." She didn't want to reveal too much to him, but let him have a taste of what he would learn. She figured he'd be getting hungry soon, and wanted to start heading back towards Renegade's tavern, or at least in that general direction, so that she might be able to help him gain a meal or two, till he was strong enough, and experienced enough to kill on his own for food.

Evan just watched her not really saying a word. That was how he was, only when he was asked to speak would he. His hands slide into his pockets and he starts to walk over to her. He was taking in everything she said and did. That was how he was. Never question, not unless they allow you too. He was still a knight even though he was in this new family. Slowly he leans on the tree and waits.

Tanae looks down at him, slowly reaching down to lightly touch his shoulder. Her bond with him was becoming stronger, she would be able to figure out where he was, no matter how far away she was from him. She knew he probably wouldn't discover the bond for a while, and wouldn't speak of it for a good while yet. Let him grow, and become stronger, before letting him know more of his powers. "Evan...you may speak freely with me. I do not like, nor do I appreciate, stoic silence, such as you are giving me right now. I like to know what's on your mind, whenever it crosses it, not whenever you feel it is important enough to bother me with." She chuckled softly, patting him, hoping for him to loosen up a little bit. "You aren't exactly a knight any more you have freedom of speech you know..."

Evan felt her hand upon his shoulder, and his eyes look up at her. He would always be like that. Not easy for him to speak freely. "Well, I'm a knight, how can I not be? You know how knights were taught, we don't speak unless we are spoken too. I can't change that.... Why do you want to know what I am thinking? All it would be is to serve you and the Dark Lord. That is my soul reason to be alive again. Not to do anything else." He looked down at his boots and listened to the sounds.

Tanae shook her head. "I don't think you understand Evan. In a way, you are no longer the Knight you once were. You are your own person now, you need not hide behind the silence that you were taught to have." She shook her head, walking out upon the limb farther, before hopping down in front of him. "Just because The Dark Lord and I are in charge of you, doesn't mean you cannot speak to us freely. We are here to help you, but you also may have a free life of your own, to meet with others, talk, have fun, anything you want to do. Your life isn't based on servitude anymore..."

Evan shook his head and looked up at her. "I'm not free of anything. If you two brought me back, I'll follow and do as I'm told. I have no freedom, it was signed away a long time ago. Fun? Fun isn't anything I've ever done before. I kill, kill to keep people safe. I'm a knight and will forever be a knight. I don't have any other way to live... You just don't get me then." He trailed off and shut his eyes. It was how he was. A knight forever, he could do nothing other then follow the orders given to him.

Tanae sighed a bit. "No, you don't understand Evan. I know more than you think about the ways of Knights. I have studied them, in preparation for your arrival, not to mention the couple of knights that I held as esteemed friends when I once was alive. Your freedom was signed away long ago, yes, but was restored when your life was given back. Do not let it go to waste, Sir Knight...For you might just miss a few things if you do." She turned on her heels putting her back to him. It would be a challenge to get him to where she needed him. But she wouldn't give up, he was worth the work she would have. She turned back to him. "Evan...do you believe you can trust me?"

Evan's back pressed to the tree as he watched her in front of him. He was not getting what he needed to do. For him he was a knight, a knight that just followed orders. How could he not? If she gave him an order he would do so. His long raven hair blew gently in the wind as he looked off into the darkness. In his ear was an earring, around his neck was a chain that held a clear crystal. On both hands he had rings, he was one to wear them. They were given to him as gifts from kings and other with power. He wasn't sure how to act around her. She held power, she was over him and he would follow as wished. Softly he spoke to answer her question. "I have no reason not to trust you m'lady. You have power over me, just as the Dark Lord does. You ask me to do something, then it shall be done."

Tanae thinks on his words for a moment. True, he had no reason not to trust her. She hadn't given him a reason as such. And she wouldn't really. She just needed to get it through to him that he would be alright to do his own thing, without always believing that he was only to do as he was ordered. "Sir Evan... You have a right to speak your mind, to be heard for what you have to say, not what you think is supposed to be said. As I told you, there is no need to act like you are only to obey orders and keep quiet. You are more than able to make your own decisions now, and I am fairly certain you have your own opinions, and ideas. Please, if there is anything you think I should change, or that I should do, please let me know. I am here for you, and the others I watch over. You are just another member in the family." She paused on that note, hoping that the word family would have something....would hold some meaning for him. Everyone had to have family, even if they were a big strong Knight who was as stoic as a rock.

Evan's head leans on the tree as he bores his crystal blue eyes into hers. "M'lady, I don't know how to be my own person anymore. I was only ordered to follow and take care of everyone. Family is what you say we are? If that is what family is then why even follow you and a Dark Lord? That is not what a family is then." He looked off at the moon and lets his thoughts trail into nothing. What more could he do?That's how he saw things. She was going to have to try other ways to get him to understand. He was too stubborn to really think of being on his own. For him he had never been on his own to do as he pleased.

Tanae shakes her head. "No, we are a family. He is like...the patriarch of the family. And we...are all brothers and sisters, no matter what our special abilities are, or where we came from. We all have more in common than you think." She smiled, turning back to him. "You had a family before you passed on, didn't you? Why don't you tell me a little about them. If you don't mind that as."

Evan looks at her and shrugged his shoulders a tiny bit. His family? She wanted to know about them. "Not much to say. Most of my family died in the battle that I was killed in. We were ordered to save the King and we did so, or I think we did. I did have another brother, his name was Aden. He was an angelic slayer, most feared him. I don't know what happended to him. That was ages ago since I last spoke to him." He gazes down at her and then looks away. "Why do you even want to hear that? I'm just here to follow whatever the new cause is for all of us being brought back. That will be what I do from now on Tanae...."

"I want to know, because I want to know you. I'm not one to be a leader of sorts, and not get to know those I watch over." Tanae tilted her head, seeing a bit of pain in his eyes. She suspected he knew the fate of this brother he spoke of, this Aden, but he just didn't want to admit it. "I understand your words, Evan, but I will make you understand, in time, what I mean. Till then, we'll work on it." She walked over to his side and placed her hand on his shoulder, easing him a little, or trying to anyway. "I still am pleased at your strength and willpower already. I mean it, Evan, you shall, in time, go far in this family." She chuckled and leaned close to him, kissing his cheek. "I'll make sure of it. You can count on it."

Evan's mind was taking in everything about his new life and what he was going to do. He would follow her and the Dark Lord because they had brought him back for some reason. As he felt her hands on his shoulders, his eyes look at her for a moment. She was trying to make him feel better, but it wasn't easy to do such a thing with him. He blinked as she kissed him on the cheek. "What was that for?" He was a bit confused on that.

Tanae chuckled softly at his words. "I did it just because I could." She winked at him and began to walk slowly back the way she'd come from, vaguely gesturing him to follow her. She kept her pace slow, letting him catch up to her if he wished. "Such a peaceful place here, don't you think?" She waved her hand over the whole graveyard. "The warriors of a thousand battles and more lay here, waiting, simply waiting for whatever might become of them. Some are never risen again, but others, such as yourself, get the chance to come back, to live life again, for whatever purpose as we deem worthy enough. Some of us, as Haley and her daughter AnnMarie, have decided upon going after her husband, to show him exactly what he did to them...They were killed when he got drunk and angry for no apparent reason at all. Others, such as Renegade, are around, to continue what they'd left behind. He runs a Tavern/Inn not that far from here. You'll meet him eventually, I'm sure you'll like him. He is much like you in ways, as he thought that he needed to be subservient to me as well. But he has gotten past that. And, so shall you." She smiled, turning back to him as she continued to walk between the rows of graves. Inadvertently, she tripped over a rather large gravestone that rose up higher than most, and began to fall towards another one.

Evan's eyes shut as he listens to her words. They were slowly taking him over. He would perhaps one day get it all and be what she wanted. Shaking his head, he pushed off the tree and starts to follow her. "I see. I didn't know they had childern in the family. Is that safe? Well, nevermind, I think I get it in a way. Even small un-dead children can be very dangerous." He started to walk faster, so he could catch up with her. His blue eyes scan the graveyard, and as he heard the sound of her stumbling, he ran as fast as he could so he could get up to her. His hands reach out and grab a hold of her arms, yanking her back, letting her body lean on his. "Be careful m'lady."

Tanae gasps as he caught her and helped her back upright. She leaned into him for a moment before speaking again. "Thank you, Sir Evan....and whoever said chivalry was dead, sure didnt know you..." Smiles up at him and steps back, careful to watch her step this time. "I am sorry for that...I don't normally trip, although I'm usually paying a little more attention than that." She blushed furiously, silently chastising herself for having tripped in front of him. But then too, she was the same as him, same as anyone else. She could trip and fall, same as anyone else. She shook her head some and resumed walking towards the gates, a little more carefully this time, and silently as well.

A small smile could be seen under the moonlight as Evan stood by her. He always helped out a woman in need. Even though she tripped, it didn't bother him. He knew everyone had troubles sometimes. "I don't mind helping m'lady." He saw the blushing on her cheeks and looked down a bit, as not to be rude and stare at a woman. His hands slide into his pockets and he starts to walk after her, watching her movements, learning how she moved so he could help her at any time she needed it.

Tanae opened the gate, and stood at it, waiting for him to catch up. "Come on Evan, now's as good a time as any to see how well you clean up, and to see you in some more...appropriate clothes." She winked at him and continued to wait for him. She thought about the black leather pants, so typical of many of her family, and the dark colored shirts that they all wore. She grinned to herself, looking upon him and pondered what he might look like in such clothing. The visual that ran across her mind caused her to lick her lips in anticipation. Yes, this one would go far, in many different ways....

Evan caught up to her and nodded his head. "I guess so m'lady. How far is this place?" He started to walk beside her not caring about the graveyard anymore. His past was going to be put behind him and he'd start a new life. A smile seem to fade from his lips. No more would he have to worry about the kingdom he once lived and fought for. A fresh start with a new family. He took one last look behind him and leans closer to her. His body almost pressing to hers. "Where now?"

Tanae shook her head. "Not very far. We are gonna head to Rene's Inn, I have some stuff for you stored in a room there." She waited till he stepped through the gate, before stepping out herself, and locking the gate behind her. She looked back at him, having that done, almost apologetically. "We keep it locked, mainly to keep from having the graves desecrated for no reason at all."

Evan nodded a bit, as he held his arm out to her. "I understand. But shall we go?" His crystal blue eyes stare into her's, they almost looked like deep pools. He wanted to get out of his clothes and into some fresh ones. It would be nice and a good change. He let his gaze look away from hers and on to the path that was before them.

Tanae smiled, slipping her arm through his. "You are just too much Evan Thunderstruck. Just too much. I need to figure out how to make you less of a gentleman. I need to make you go bad." She laughed and winked at him and started off down the path with him. Her own green eyes held the wisdom of the forests and shadows behind them, seeming like a forest of endless trees that he might be trying to look through. It wasn't that she was guarded or anything in her mind, just the way her eyes looked is all. "Trust me, you'll like being in this family. There's never a dull moment, that's for sure." Laying her other hand on his upper arm, she allowed him to escort her away from the graveyard and towards the nearby tavern, to get him cleaned up, and presentable to any others whom they might catch up to....
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