Anjelia (anjelia) wrote in darkenednights,

A Long Walk. Part One

The snow fell harder upon the ground, it was covering it faster then the eye could catch it. It was becoming knee deep with then minutes. Something was at play.The magic was in the air and the wind brought it to anyone that could feel it. No normal being could walk far in that type of weather. Only the undead could make it or someone the could handle the elements.

Her green eyes peer into the darkness as the snow pounds down on her. She tugs the long crimson cloak around her, to keep most of the snow at bay. The hood kept her long blond hair hidden and tucked away. It would help her see better. Her eye sight was great. She could see in the darkness like it was day time. Her knee high boots were starting to sink into the snow. She wore black leather pants that belled out. The snow had started to stick upon the pants. Her crimson shirt was tucked into her pants to help her move more freely.

The woods around her started to grow thicker and she knew it would be hard to get through it now. With a sigh she slides her right hand down to her sword and pulls it free. It had been given to her by Tanae, she was her leader, over her to guide her while the Dark Lord over looked things. She was growing very strong in her ranks. The magic inside the sword would help her move freely. Her long slender fingers gripped tightly on the sword as she started to hack her way through the woods. With each cut the power around her started to grow. She was calling upon the shadows to shield her from the snow and branches of the trees. The shadows swirled around her small frame and wrapped around her like a warm blanket.

Her blade rang out as she hit the last branch of the trees that had blocked her from moving forward. She stops in her tracks as she looked into the darkness. The snow was coming down harder, but she didn't move. Something was different, the lands were different. How far had she gone? She grips her sword and silently takes a few steps into the clearing. She could see two paths. But wasn't sure as to which one to take. Her ties to the Hellsents were pulling. She was trying to call upon one to guide her, but she wasn't having any luck. Her powers weren't strong enough to reach her fellow members. She cursed into the wind,"Bloody hell, why can't one of the others be near. I would like a guide on this."

She would have to go at this alone. For now she stood in the middle of the paths, thinking of which one to take. The snow was creeping up higher on her. She needed to pick but which one? Which one would lead her to a safe place......
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